Friday, January 18, 2008

Movie 9 of 2008: The Exorcist

As many people know, I'm trying to go back and watch a bunch of horror movies that I missed out on, including many "classics". I ended up picking up The Exorcist after a discussion in The LAIR about why people actually laughed during this movie. I had to see if I'd be another one to laugh or not... ha ha! So... I watched... and I enjoyed! I didn't like laugh out loud or anything, but I was amused at some of the antics of Raven and also because I kept spotting scenes that had been spoofed in SCARY MOVIE (peeing on the floor, spitting the pea soup, etc...). At any rate, I am glad I finally watched this film and am excited about continuing my movie journey. I want to thank everyone yet again for all of the recommendations... NICK YAK, CHRIS RAMONE, BETH, TOM PICCARILLI, DAELITH!!! Keep 'em coming!

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