Friday, February 26, 2010

Movie 9 of 2010: Crazy Eights

Extremely creepy and disturbing movie. Unfortunately I didn't quite comprehend the final scene of the movie. Wish it had been more clear as I'm left feeling like I missed something of major importance, yet can't figure out what. Definitely worth watching though and maybe other viewers can help me figure out what happened at the very end.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Movie 8 of 2010: It's Alive

Decent movie... though very strange. Definitely shows how attached a mother can get to a newborn baby quickly and everything she is willing to do for it. Some of the scenes were quite disturbing as I couldn't believe the baby was actually doing some of the stuff it was doing. The ending also seemed a bit rushed and abrupt and left me wondering what was going to happen to one of the characters. Was creepy though and I jumped a couple times because I wasn't expecting stuff to happen. Worth watching at least once for horror fans.

The trailer appears to show some cut snippets from the movie as well so it must've been intended to be longer initially.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Movie 7 of 2010: Trailer Park of Terror

A little slow at points and quite a bit gory in other scenes. I had a hard time stomaching a couple of parts where the skin was being ripped and peeled from people's bodies. (Amazing how I can read about this stuff all day long, but seeing it is a whole 'nother ball game!) Overall this was a fun movie. I thought it was going to be a bit more humorous than it was, but the only thing I really found that funny was the soundtrack at times. The music was fun and the lyrics at times made me laugh. Worth checking out if you aren't expecting the new bestselling horror flick and just want something that is a bit of fun. I mean... can you truly go wrong with a bunch of redneck "zombies"?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movie 6 of 2010: Zombieland

Enjoyed this one quite a bit, but I was actually expecting it to be even funnier than it was by all the hype it got. I guess that always makes me expect more from a movie and a lot of times leaves me at least slightly disappointed. Definitely had some funny moments though. And scary, for me anyway, with the disturbing zombie clown side I am scared of clowns. *shudder* Of course, if I had been in the movie instead of Woody I would've just stuck with the Snowballs instead of feeling I had to go in search of a Twinkie... I'm not a fan! ;) Definitely fun for the comic horror movie fans though and worth seeing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie 5 of 2010: The Proposal

Yet another fun romantic comedy featuring Sandra Bullock. She never disappoints me. I would recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys this genre of movies. The ending is pretty predictable, but I think that's the case for pretty much all romantic comedies out there. There are some surprises within though and lots of laughs.