Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movie 4 of 2008: Phone

I just finished watching PHONE. I have to praise the young little girl that played Young-ju, Seo-woo Eun, beyond words. WOW!!! Her acting in this movie was awesome!!! If you don't mind Asian films, definitely give this one a watch... if nothing else, to watch Seo-woo. Her facial expressions alone in this movie made the movie for me. She would have the sweetest little angelic face one second and the next she would have the most horrific, evil look you can imagine. I think her best scene was right before she fell down the stares. I don't have any idea how young this little girl was in the movie, but she is going to be a great little actress if she keeps this up!

As for the movie itself, I thought it was quite suspensful and entertaining. No, it didn't really scare me, but then again... I don't think I'm as scared easily nowadays. I did find the movie quite creepy an had the soundtrack been more creepy and less classical it's quite possible the movie would've seemed a lot scarier to me. I believe this is my first Korean film I've ever scene, but I thought it was very well done and I plan to check out some other Korean films in the near future. I think I'll be trying to track down A TALE OF TWO SISTERS based on strong recommendations from both the following horror authors... Nick Cato & Tom Piccirilli.

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