Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie 39 of 2008: Zombie Love

Movie Description:

The musical Zombie Love tells the story of Dante, a 200 year old zombie, who falls in love with Claudia, a mortal girl, after he saves her from an attack by two grave robbers. Thinking that a zombie could never win her love, he changes his flesh-eating ways in order to win the girl of his dreams. The closer Dante gets to his desired love, the harder he finds it to maintain the facade, especially when his zombie friends encourage him to eat a teenage girl they have captured. What Dante doesn't know, however, is that Claudia is already in love with the zombie that saved her from the robbers and desperately tries to find him. This musical extravaganza, filled with singing, dancing, blood and gore, will have you laughing all the way to your grave!

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion

This is a must-see for fans of zombie and humor flicks as it meshes the two genres together very well. It's a very short movie and is full of catch/funny tunes that carry throughout the film as the "love story" progresses between zombie and mortal girl. Yes, I did say zombie and MORTAL girl!!! This is a weir little flick... check it out!!! And in the end... I dare you not to have the theme song to the movie stuck in your head like I did.

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