Friday, October 31, 2008

Movie 32 of 2008: The Simpsons Movie

Movie Description:

After eighteen seasons, four hundred episodes, and innumerable awards and honors (including a Peabody, 23 Emmys(R) and a designation from Time magazine as the "best television show of the twentieth century"), "The Simpsons" has become a feature-length motion picture. And it's a good thing, too, because it takes a wide screen to fully capture Homer Simpson's epic stupidity.

In the eagerly-awaited film based on the hit television series, Homer must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created. It all begins with Homer, his new pet pig, and a leaky silo full of droppings - a combination that triggers a disaster the likes of which Springfield has never experienced. As Marge is outraged by Homer's monumental blunder, a vengeful mob descends on the Simpson household. The family makes a narrow escape, but is soon divided by both location and conflict.

The Springfield citizenry has every reason to be out for Simpson blood. The calamity triggered by Homer has drawn the attention of U.S. President Arnold Schwarzenegger (voiced by Harry Shearer) and Environmental Protection Agency head Russ Cargill (voiced by Albert Brooks). "You know sir," Cargill tells the president, "when you made me head of the EPA, you were applauded for appointing one of the most successful men in America to the least successful agency in government. And why did I take the job? Because I'm a rich man who wanted to give something back. Not the money, but something." That "something" is a devil's plan to contain the disaster.

As the fates of Springfield and the world hang in the balance, Homer embarks on a personal odyssey of redemption - seeking forgiveness from Marge, the reunion of his splintered family, and the salvation of his hometown.

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

I haven't seen any Simpsons episodes in quite a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Thought it was a lot of fun for an evening movie. The "Spider-Pig" song that I had already been familiar with was quite cute and it was fun to see how it tied into the movie... hee hee! I just really had a good time watching this movie. So... any new or old fans to the Simpsons should enjoy this movie. One thing about this show as you can jump in at any time and not have to knokw the history of the characters as you're not really missing much at any point... you just fall right into place.

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