Friday, December 26, 2008

Movie 42 of 2008: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Movie Description:

Traumatized by his parents' Christmas eve rape and murder, little Billy Chapman is brutalized by sadistic orphanage nus. When a grown-up Billy is forced to dress as jolly St. Nick, he goes on a yuletide rampage to punish the naughty. Santa Claus is coming to town... and this time he's got an axe! Robert Brian Wilson an Linnea Quigley star in this jaw-dropping horror hit that a nation of angry mothers still can't stop!

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

This movie may have to be a new Christmas tradition for me!!! I had never seen this before and watched it Christmas night. What a fun Christmas horror film! It wasn't too gory, but definitely made you think twice about Santa Claus. I always knew he was one creepy dude. Of course, I s'pose if Santa really DID punish the naughty I'd have been killed loooooooong ago! LOL!!! For any horror fans that are looking for a fun Christmas flick, definitely give this one a watch. It might be a bit campy, but it's fun!

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