Saturday, February 14, 2009

Movie 5 of 2009: Candy Stripers

Movie Description:

A group of small town college students find themselves trapped in a
hospital overrun by beautiful candy stripers whose bodies have been
taken over by aliens hell-bent on breeding & leaving a bloody trail
of carnage.

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

Please take my advice and do NOT watch this movie! Oh my god this was horrible!!! I enjoyed making fun of it, but that was about the only enjoyment I got out of this movie. There was never an explanation of what kind of "alien" or whatever had infected the candy stripers and the "solution" of how to kill them was the STUPIDEST things I ever heard of as I really argued the reasoning behind it! DUMB... DUMB... DUMB MOVIE!!! I'm sure glad I got this one for only like $2-3 'cause if I'd spent anymore than that I'd be REALLY pissed! Hell... THAT was more than it was worth!

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