Saturday, July 5, 2008

Movie 26 of 2008: Basic Instinct

Movie Description:

The take-no-prisoners sex thriller from 1992 now stands as a milestone in the career of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, but in the hands of director Paul Verhoeven Basic Instinct is an undeniably stylish and provocative study of obsession. In the role that made her a star (and showed the audience a little more skin than she intended), Sharon Stone plays the cleverly manipulative novelist Catherine Tramell who snares San Francisco detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) with her insatiable sexual appetite during the investigation of her boyfriend's murder. Tramell is the prime suspect, but the plot twists and turns until Curran is trapped in a dangerous cycle of dead ends and unsolved murders, never sure if Tramell is committing the crimes or if it is some other, unknown suspect. With a plot that keeps viewers guessing, Basic Instinct is the work of a director who is clearly in his element.

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

I can't believe I had not seen this movie before last night. WOW!!! This was actually one of the first DVDs I ever bought because I had heard it would be something I would like, but I just never got around to watching it. Eric mentioned it last week and I said I had never seen it so we pulled it out to watch and I was thoroughly absorbed in this flick. I have been trying to recover from being sick all week so I have been pretty tired and run down and even starting this movie late at night and having not had a nap all day... I stayed awake through the ENTIRE movie without batting an eye. I even forced myself to not get up to go to the restroom during the movie... I was THAT into the movie!!! Yeah, I know, there's a pause button on the DVD player, but I just wanted to see what happened next. I will most likely be watching this movie again soon to see if I missed anything as I already pointed something out to Eric that he didn't catch onto that I thought I saw. I need to check to see if I was right. LOL!!! Loved the 80s club scene as well in this movie... classic!!! I definitely need to check out more 80s films because I seem to really dig the essence of them.

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