Thursday, May 1, 2008

Movie 23 of 2008: The Number 23

Movie Description:

Walter Sparrow is a family-man married with Agatha Sparrow, and works catching dogs in the Department of Animal Control and has a teenager son very close to his wife and him. On the day of his birthday, he is bitten by a dog and comes late to meet Agatha. While waiting for him, Agatha buys a detective book with a novel about the mystery around the number 23 in a bookstore as a gift to Walther. He becomes captivated with the story and obsessed with the number 23, finding many coincidences with his own life, and he decides to find the author, believing the story is about him. His further investigation discloses a mysterious situation that makes Walther paranoid.

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

I kind of had mixed opinions on this movie. I typically do not like Jim Carrey, but his serious movies aren't so bad so I watch them. I do think he did a great job in THE NUMBER 23! I found the storyline quite fascinating, but I'm not sure that I liked the ending of the story. I definitely think I would've found the book he was reading in the movie interesting and need to see if that has been released as it wouldn't surprise me. So... I really can't decide whether I fully liked this movie or not. I'd be willing to watch it again at some point because it did keep my attention for the most part. (though I was really tired and dozed off for about 15 minutes or so... LOL!) I also think it's definitely worth a watch for those who like suspenseful movies for sure.

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